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SAL – Bookshelf cat 15/04

Comme je l’avais precise dans mon article precedent, je me suis joint a un SAL pour encourager d’autres brodeurs/brodeuses avec leurs projets, et je posterai donc une avancee du chat de bibliotheque toutes les 3 semaines, jusqu’a ce qu’il soit fini ! (Avec un peu de chance, ca ne sera pas dans trop longtemps puisque j’ai fait beaucoup de progres!) // As I’ve said in my previous article, I’ve joined a SAL so all participants can encourage each other in making progress on their projects. This means I will only be posting updates of my bookshelf cat every three weeks until it’s finished ! (Which hopefully won’t be too long now)

Chose qui m’embete par contre, c’est que je suis a court de plusieurs couleurs et ce n’est pas la premiere fois pour un modele Dimensions, et d’apres ce que j’ai lu sur le net j’ai le choix entre les contacter et attendre 3 mois, ou utiliser un equivalent DMC d’apres un guide, sauf que c’est souvent tjrs approximatif… :/ – Dimensions, franchement… mettez plus de fils !! // One thing that bothers me however is that I’ve run out of several colours (yet again with a Dimensions kit) and that based on what I read online, I could either contact them and wait 3 months, or use an online converter to swap out with DMC threads which is likely gonna be off. :/ Really, Dimensions, give us more thread !!





N’hesitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets et si vous voulez vous joindre a nous, Avis est la personne a contacter (en anglais) ! // Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things, and if you want to join us, Avis is the one you want to talk to !


30 réflexions au sujet de “SAL – Bookshelf cat 15/04”

  1. Bonjour
    Une super avancée sur ton chat de bibliothèque. Par contre, c’est pas cool de manquer de fils.
    J’espère que tu vas trouver une solution pour les fils. Bon Courage. Bon Dimanche sous un ciel couvert. Gros bisous et bonne continuation.
    J’irai voir les avancées des autres brodeurs et brodeuses.

  2. Cute kit, cute cat! Dimensions isn’t the only company that skimps on the yarns it supplies. It seems the problem is widespread. I hope you manage to source a suitable alternative.

  3. I love the rich colours in this design. I hope you get some additional threads quickly. I have some left overs from other Dimensions projects. Do you have any shade references and I’ll take a look? If I have them, you’re welcome to them.

    1. Yes it is taking shaping and looking very nice, much nicer than I expected in fact. I’ll just swap them to whatever I can, I don’t need much so I’ll be okay with a bit of discrepency. I don’t want to make anyone look through their stashes for a few threads haha.

    1. This kit was a present ,but I’m still annoyed that they’re using colours that aren’t easy to find when running out. If only they could just make their yarns available to everyone ! Thank you 😀

  4. Welcome to the SAL. Hope you manage to find corresponding colours. If not give a shout of what refs you need. I may have some.

  5. Welcome to the SAL! It’s so frustrating when a kit shorts on yarn — I hope you find a good match. I’m especially fond of this because one of my brown tabbies, Squeek, used to lie down behind the books on one of my bookshelves … at least before I had to put a second row on every shelf! Must make some time to purge my library a bit.

  6. Welcome to the SAL, Megan, so nice to meet you! This is such an adorable pattern, the colors are wonderful, and the kitty is just too cute snoozing away in the library like only a a cat can. Looking forward to seeing your other projects as they come up!

  7. Hello and welcome to the group Megan. I recently finished a Dimensions called Gracious Era and had the same problem. As I had been working on it for 13 years I thought Dimensions colours may be off too so didn’t bother trying to send to them for more. I just used the DMC equivalent ones and you really couldn’t tell the difference. I hope it works out for you too – so annoying, and the reason I prefer just charts to kits.

    1. Thank you 🙂 – Wow that’s a really long time to have a cross stitch in progress, haha glad you finished it. It’ll probably be fine, but being the one stitching it I’ll stare at the new thread knowing it looks off.

  8. Welcome to the SAL!!! What a lovely embroidery! Not having enough threads really makes you wanna scream, doesn´t it! Why are the companies so greedy, it makes me wonder? We do pay a lot for their kits.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 – It is looking better and better every day I have to admit, didn’t expect it to look so vibrant in the real. Lucky for me since I was gifted this kit

  9. Love your project! Books & cats – you can’t go wrong 🙂
    If it helps, when I ran out of Dimensions threads on a kit at the end of last year, they were much quicker than expected at sending replacements out. I think it was about three weeks from the initial contact.

    1. Thank you Carole ! I’ve not bothered and I went to fetch similarish browns to fill in the gaps. I’m usually very perfectionnist but in this case I reckon I’ll finish this cross stitch before they send me anything !

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