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SAL – Spring Dragon

As mentionned before now I have finished the cat, I dug out my Spring Dragon by Patricia Allisson to finish. The border is very tricky and all the greys and greens look the same but I am making steady progress by switching between two needles, backstitch and full stitch as I’m finding it easier to stitch the stems of the leaves than counting properly… I have slowed down considerably however with house hunting and will need to push myself to get those Zodiac signs done !! // Dans mon precedent post pour le SAL je vous ai annonce la reprise de mon dragon de printemps par Patricia Allisson. La bordure est complexe et tous les verts et gris se ressemblent mais j’avance tout de meme petit a petit. Je jongle entre deux aiguilles, une pour le point arriere et une pour les croix, en tracant les tiges des feuilles avant de les broder puisque je ne sais pas compter….


Mon image


Mon image

We’re also suffering the worst summer I’ve could ever imagine happening in the UK, massive lack of rain and all the grass has gone yellow, surviving with small portable fans and air conditioning at work. // Nous avons aussi le plaisir de l’ete le plus chaud et sec jamais vu en Angleterre, la vegetation a completement jauni , il a du pleuvoir deux fois en 2 mois. Mais on fait comme on peut avec petit ventilo portable, et je remercie la clim au travail.

Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things, and if you want to join us, Avis is the one you want to talk to ! // N’hesitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets et si vous voulez vous joindre a nous, Avis est la personne a contacter (en anglais) !

20 réflexions au sujet de “SAL – Spring Dragon”

    1. Did most of it when we were up in Lancashire , would sit down for hours, am trying to get through the border quicker as I still have a mother dragon to stitch (and that’s the fun part).

  1. Bonjour
    Oui, tu avances bien sur cette frise complexe. Cela doit te compliquer la broderie si tu ne sais pas compter. Bon Courage pour la suite. Bon Dimanche plus frais. Je vais pouvoir broder. Gros bisous.

    1. Merci beaucoup ! Je me trompe tres souvent quand il y a des espaces entre deux zones de la meme couleur alors je prefere broder au fur et a mesure les chose qui sont directement en contact. Ca me permet de verifier mon espacement et ne pas me tromper. Ca veut aussi dire que mon point de croix progresse un peu comme un liquide haha. Bon dimanche a toi aussi 😀

  2. I remember the Summer of 1976 and thinking it would never ever rain again – we lived in London just to make things worse. By and large though, I think I quite enjoyed it . We’re having high temperatures down here in S.W. France but we’re much more geared up for it with the thick stone walls and shutters so it’s easier to keep cool as you know. Take care in the heat.

    1. Must have been pretty awful in London :/ – Glad you live in a house properly insulated. I can’t complain we currently live in a recent building of flats with very good energy rating, but it still does get warm.

    1. Haha I bet comparitively I have nothing to complain about, just never expected the UK to be so dry for so long. Thank you 😀 , indeed it is, metallic threads, beads, different greens and the backstitch, all at once. The leaves feel a little bit like confetti stitching too as they’re only 3-4 crosses big and then I have to stop the thread or find my way to the next one without miscounting !

  3. I would say it has been the best summer for many years in the UK though the heat has slowed me down as an octogenarian. lad the rain has come this weekend but hope the sun and heat will come back. You have made good progress with your stitching

  4. Beautiful progress! The drought and heat is ridiculous! We’ve had many 100+F days here and the grass and shrubs are yellowing as well. I think I’ve lost a few plants in the garden as well. Hope we can all see some rain soon!

  5. ooh that border does look complicated, beautiful but complex! Well done on doing so much! Hope you’ve finally had some rain, we’ve had a decent amount over the last few days here in Yorkshire.

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