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Update on the cat, and progress on the peacock, and ranting

Emmi is settling in well, she’s a real fusspot and she’ll leap onto your lap as soon as you sit down, be it on the stairs, couch, or desk. Food is the light of her day however and she always assumes if you stand up it’s to feed her, and she’ll chase after you and trip you up. Few hiccups such as her running outside twice when she’s unfortunately house bound due to being FIV positive. She’s also freaked out by my long hair and lacks normal cat expression of discontent, and will just lash out without warning. I have a few battle scars on my forehead to vouch for it, but am hopefull she’ll soon realise she doesn’t have to react that dramatically and that she’s in no danger. // Emmi s’est bien installee. Elle adore les caresses et bondit s’installer sur nos genoux a la moindre occasion, que ca soit assis sur les escaliers, canape ou a notre bureau. La nourriture est un peu sa drogue et elle s’imagine que chaque fois qu’on se leve c’est l’heure de manger, alors elle a tendance a nous pourchasser et se mettre en travers de notre chemin. On a aussi eu de petits incidents, comme deux escapades alors qu’elle doit malheureusement etre un chat d’interieur (Elle est seropositive). Elle est aussi terrifiee par mes cheveux longs et ne montre pas les habituels signes de mecontentement de chat. J’ai quelques cicatrices sur le front parce qu’elle griffe sans avertissement, mais je sais que peu a peu, elle realise qu’elle n’est pas en danger et qu’elle n’a pas besoin de m’attaquer.

In other news I just wanted to rant, because although I’m working overtime and it’s never fun, I realise how much time I actually waste on not doing the things I want when I have time. Call it lack of motivation, call it sulking, I want to draw, I want to do more artwork for games, I want to design more Xstitch, and yet cross stitching kits is the easy way out, because there’s no thinking involved. Have you ever been in a similar situation, and how do you get yourself out of this ? // Je voulais aussi raler un peu puisque, bien que travailler des heures sup n’est jamais rigolo, je realise que le probleme c’est surtout que quand j’ai du temps libre, je le gaspille. Peut-etre est-ce par manque de motivation, ou parce que je broie du noir, mais j’ai envie de dessiner, j’ai envie de creer de nouveaux modeles de point de croix, bosser sur mon jeu video, mais je fini toujours par attraper un de mes kits parce que c’est facile et qu’il n’y a pas besoin de reflechir. Est-ce que vous avez deja ete dans cette situation ? Comment vous faites ?

The upside is both the snowman and the peacock are making good progress… // L’avantange c’est que le bonhomme de neige et le paon avancent…

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9 réflexions au sujet de “Update on the cat, and progress on the peacock, and ranting”

  1. I used to try to eliminate the « no thinking involved » kinds of crafts, but I found it’s counterproductive. Sometimes my brain needs real downtime, and stitching on Mr. Iguana gives just the right mix of stimulation and no real decisionmaking.
    I’ve read time and again that we have only a certain number of decisions we can make in a day. So no wonder if you’ve used them all up at work you don’t feel like being creative. The only thing I can think of that might help to get the creative stuff done as well is to consciously make space in your day for it, taking the decision of when to start and what exactly out of the picture. This has helped me at some points in my life, less at others.

    1. Agreed, cross stitch is very helpful in that way. I get a lot of people asking me how I can have the patience to stitch year long projects, the truth is, it’s just like picking up the remote and sitting in front of the TV (except I do both at the same time). For this reason I think I’ll never stop stitching, but I do feel guilty buying kits when I have the knowledge and capabilities to design my own. I try to set myself objectives every weekend and often end up procrastinating.

  2. Aw so good to hear that Emmi is making herself at home, although I hope she settles with your hair so you don’t get more battle scars! I don’t know if you have tried feliway? It’s a plug in (like an air freshener but you don’t smell it) and it is calming for cats. I think you can maybe get a spray too. We used it when we moved into our new house and I think it helped a little as one of our cats is really nervous. Your cross stitch is coming on really well too. I know what you mean about your rant too. I am queen of wasting time and I always have such a big list of things I want to do. For me, I find it easier if I say I will do something for 15 minutes and it stops me feeling overwhelmed. I often find I keep going after the 15 minutes but even if I don’t I made a start and did something! Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Thank you !! I don’t think Emmi needs the feliway as she’s very brave and feels very at home, she’s just got an extreme dislike of being surprised by someone’s face. I’d prefer if she would growl/run away/hiss first so I have time to back off, but she’s only done it if she didn’t know I was that close. I just have to be mindful. I should probably follow your advice and stop overthinking it. Do little bit by bit, thank you 😀

  3. I do think we have a limit of what we can do before our brain asks for a rest from « thinking creatively. » The two kits you are working on are not really mindless, there’s concentration involved there! For me, creativity is one of the first things to go when I am under pressure of work or life, etc. I would just enjoy stitching, and when things calm down, maybe give yourself a creative spa day to just mess with art, design, etc. Whether you actually create something or just dabble, it will likely get things moving forward!

  4. now that you’ve got the extra room in your house where you can start being creative, and just close the door, I’d try and begin something else (maybe clothes making) and then just shut the door when I’ve had enough.

  5. I can totally relate to not being productive when I have time. Sometimes I’m just tired and worn out and there are times when I’m just not feeling creative. I too go for the easy fix – cross stitch, sewing from a pattern, or mindless weaving. For me, this only goes on for so long until my mind kicks back into action and the ideas come flowing.

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