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SAL – The Indian Peacock returns !

Due to popular demand, I’ve dusted off my Dimensions Gold Indian Peacock. A big thank you for helping me choose. It’s a design I’d wanted for years and never dared to purchase because I’ve always had so many WIPS. It finally found me last Christmas when my mom got it for me, and I have to admit the colour mixes look odd but the results are worth while ! This is quite a small design compared to what I’m used to, so it’s quite refreshing seeing so much progress in so little time ! // Merci pour vos commentaires, la majorite a vote pour que je reprenne le paon, alors chose promise, chose faite. Ce paon est un modele que j’ai voulu pendant des annees mais je me refusait de l’acheter a cause de tous mes en cours jusuq’a ce que ma mere me l’aie offert. Les melanges de couleurs conseilles sont bizarres, mais le resultat est plutot parlant !

Where I was last time // La ou j’en etais la derniere fois

Mon image

Now // Maintenant

Mon image

Are there any designs you’ve wanted to stitch for years ? Did you eventually buy them or are you still waiting for a good opportunity to get it ? 

Est-ce que vous aussi, vous avez des modeles que vous voulez/vouliez broder depuis des annees ? Lesquels ?


And a big welcome to Susan, Anne who are joining the SAL! // Nous avons deux nouveaux membres pour ce SAL, je souhaite donc la bienvenue a Susan, Anne

Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things, and if you want to join us, Avis is the one you want to talk to !  // N’hésitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets et si vous voulez vous joindre a nous, Avis est la personne a contacter (en anglais) !


19 réflexions au sujet de “SAL – The Indian Peacock returns !”

  1. Bonjour
    Tu as super bien avancé sur ce superbe paon. Il commence a avoir fière allure. Bonne continuation. Pour le moment, j’essaie de finir mes encours et mes broderies que j’ai laissées tomber. J’y arrive petit à petit. Après , je verrai au fil du temps. Bon Dimanche sous la pluie, tant attendue. Gros bisous.

  2. Lots of lovely progress. He looks iridescent. Clever colouring 🙂 I’m afraid to say that if I want something I tend to buy it or put it on a wish list and my OH buys it for Christmas. That’s why my stash is….best not talk about that LOL.

    1. I’ve never been in the habit of having a stash until I started making stockings with my intention of starting family heirlooms. I’m probably going to follow suit to your idea, as it makes it easier on the family for christmas presents, and I will HOPEFULLY get round to most of them haha.

  3. You got loads done. He looks fabulous!
    I’ve tended to buy charts and kits as I wanted for years, as you never know if something will be discontinued but I now find myself with more than I’ll ever be able to stitch. I still buy more though LOL

    1. Wise decision ! I’ve found a few discontinued kits I REALLY REALLY want and obviously they’re impossible to find or very dear. Wish some brands like dimensions were able to release more books of their discontinued products.

  4. Hello, The peacock is gorgeous, so iridescent. I stitched a peacock and did not want to finish it because I liked the colours. I have a huge stash – something I’m bad at.

  5. Belated congratulations on finishing your snowman stocking! It is stunning and the lucky recipient will be thrilled. I would have added my vote to the peacock as well, and you’ve made tons of progress already — well done! You know I’ve been stitching some kits from my stash — along with picking up some orphans… — and there are always more projects than time. There’s another Beth Russell / William Morris tapestry kit I have wanted for years, but I’ve decided to wait until I clear out some of the backlog. (It helps that her kits don’t seem to go off sale, and that I know a friend has the kit in her stash, also unopened!)

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