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SAL – Christmas sled, 09/08

Over the recent weeks I’ve had the pleasure/bad idea to discover Korean dramas on Netflix and have been binging them. It makes cross stitch a little harder with all the subtitles reading involved but it’s nice not to spend 1h picking what to watch lately. Do you also have favorite foreign shows?// Ces derniers temps je ne savais plus trop quoi regarder sur Netflix avant de découvrir qu’ils ont moulte drama coréen (historiques et autre). Inutile de dire que je m’en suis fait un marathon même si c’est difficile de broder et lire les sous titres. Et vous, ya t’il des séries étrangères qui vous plaisent ??

Where I was last time // Là ou j’en étais la derniere fois

Now // Maintenant

This post is part of a group SAL where we all share our progress, so please visit the other participants’ blogs as they are making wonderful things!

Ce post fait partie d’un groupe de MAJ, alors n’hésitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participant(e)s qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets !


11 réflexions au sujet de “SAL – Christmas sled, 09/08”

  1. Love a good show binge! haha, yes the subtitle reading might slow your stitching down, but at least your enjoying your time with some progress made.

  2. great progress ^^ And that’s why I love watching Call the Midwife lol. Over and over again, I can listen without having to watch what’s going on on screen lol.

  3. I listen to music when I cross-stitch. You have still managed to make a fair bit of progress on this pretty stocking.

    1. It takes getting used to but Ive not had any issues since I track my progress on tablet. I count first my line, then I stitch and re-check and tend to stitch only colours which touch so I find mistakes very early. I look at the TV maybe every 5 sec in between each few crosses so I tend to avoid shows with very engrossing stories. Funnily enough my Korean is getting good enough now to know the basic filler sentences like « are you alright? » « Yes sir » etc so I miss less crucial dialogue haha.

  4. Love this stocking – its so pretty. I like peace and quiet to stitch, though its been too hot to sit in the garden (my normal choice) as we get the full sun from about 10.30 am until sunset. xx

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