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SAL Dragon 23rd Dec – Happy dance !!!

Following up my previous post, we are now fully moved in !!! (save for cardboard boxes in the living room) and we’ve avoided the internet crisis, left with the old broadband till it runs out, courtesy of the previous owner. We’ve had the opportunity to treat ourselves to brand new desks and computer chairs, as we were « improvising » in our old flat, for lack of room…  // Suite au precedent post je peux maintenant vous annoncer que nous sommes officiellement installes !! (Mis a part quelques cartons qui trainent…) – Nous avons aussi evite la crise de l’internet, ayant ete gracie avec le code wifi du precedent proprietaire, jusqu’a renouvellement de contrat. Nous avons aussi pu nous faire plaisir avec de jolis bureaux et chaises d’ordis apres avoir du « improviser » dans notre precedent appart, faute de place.

On another note, you’ve guessed it, It’s HAPPY DANCE TIME !!!! – I refused to leave this dragon unfinished another year and made this my primary objective thanks to this SAL. This gorgeous lady dragon and her baby have been reunited, 4 years and 5 months later. I’ve obviously worked on this on and off over the years, I had my sleeping beauty around the same time, and also did Frederick the literate in between. This dragon represents « spring » of a series of, you guessed it, four seasons. Let’s just say Spring is my favourite season because I don’t want to be stitching any more of these…. as gorgeous as it is finished I don’t have the patience anymore. A big thank you still, to Patricia Allison (now known as Patricia Aikin, who can be found on etsy these days) for designing lovely dragons such as this one. // Sinon…. vous l’aurez devine, sortez le champomy j’ai fini un projet !!! Hors de question que ce dragon soit fini en 2019, ce SAL m’a motive a en finir une bonne fois pour toutes. Maman et bebe dragon ont ete reunis apres 4 ans et 5 mois, bien que j’ai brode dessus sporadiquement. (J’avais egalement la belle aux bois dormants en cours, et le chat de bibliotheque a un moment donne). Ce dragon s’appelle « Printemps », d’une serie de… et oui 4 saisons. Inutile de dire que je ne compte pas broder les trois autres apres tant de travail, on dira que Printemps est ma saison favorite, et oust… Un grand merci tout de meme a la creatrice Patricia Allison (maintenant connue sous le nom de Patricia Aikin, sur etsy)

Mon image

Mon image

The tradition wants that I start a new project on New Years, but I’m an impatient person when it comes to starting new projects, and I’ve the next one lined up (and started) . I made sure I prepared the fabric and threads in advance. This motivated me to finish the dragon while keeping my promise.  // La tradition veut que je commence un nouveau projet le jour de l’an, mais comme je suis impatiente, j’avais deja mon nouveau point de croix de prevu (maintenant demarre). Le tissu et les fils ont ete prepare quelques semaines auparavent, pour me motiver, tout en tenant ma promesse.

Mon image

My new stocking is an ideal project to bring over to my Fella’s folks for Christmas, as I’ll need something to keep me busy while waiting for the delicious turkey and cakes… // Le projet ideal pour les fetes ! Ca me donnera quelque chose pour m’occuper pendant que j’attend les delicieuses victuailles qui seront presentes au repas de Noel chez mes beaux parents.

Merry Christmas everyone !! // Joyeux Noel a tous !!

Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things, and if you want to join us, Avis is the one you want to talk to !  // N’hésitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets et si vous voulez vous joindre a nous, Avis est la personne a contacter (en anglais) !

29 réflexions au sujet de “SAL Dragon 23rd Dec – Happy dance !!!”

  1. Bravo pour ta persévérance, c’est magnifique !
    Et je te souhaite un très Joyeux Noël à toi aussi !
    Bisous !

  2. Bonjour
    Un grand BRAVO, pour ce bel ouvrage enfin terminé. Il est magnifique. Il te restera la finalisation à faire. Si l’installation se passe bien, tant mieux. Premier Noël dans votre maison à tous les deux. Joli ton nouveau projet pour 2019. Bon Dimanche sous la pluie et le vent.
    BONNES FÊTES de NOËL. Gros bisous.

    1. Merci ! La finalisation est tjrs qqchose ou je n’ai pas d’idees. La plupart de mes projets sont juste plies et ranges dans un tiroir, je ne sais pas encore ce qu’il va devenir des deux dragons. Joyeux Noel 😀

  3. Well done on another fabulous finish for the end of 2018. Will you frame it and hang it up in your new house? Great idea to prep the next project and have it staring at you while you finish the current one. I need that kind of motivation sometimes. Happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you ! – No the dragons are unfortunately going into a drawer along with my other finished projects, I’m not much for finishing cross stitch into anything. But I might get creative now I have walls I’m allowed to decorate – Happy Christmas

  4. that’s a lovely finish, and who cares it was over 4 years in the stitching? I’m sure you won’t take as long to stitch the stocking project as we’ll be here to cheer you along!

  5. What a beautiful piece you have now, it feels great to finish anything, but especially if it’s been lying around for a bit! Now we will be stocking buddies, 😉.

    1. Definitely ! It got to a point where it was more of a chore than fun, I also don’t know what to do with it, at least stockings will have a designated recipient ! Back on my quest of making one for each family member (And I have a few to go through haha)

  6. Congratulations on the Happy Dance. Your dragon looks stunning, and it must be so satisfying to finish him after a few years. The new project looks lovely and that was a great idea to have it prepped to spur you on to finish the dragon.

  7. Congratulations on the finish! It looks wonderful! Baby dragon is so cute. Your new project should be much easier than this project and you’ll make fast progress!

    1. Thank you ! Dimensions gold are never easy projects, but a few days in I can already confirm it’s going faster, I’m not having to change colours nearly as much which is nice for a change.

  8. She’s beautiful! You must still be happy dancing over that finish. We’ve had a surprising number of finishes this time around – and yours in spite of a move! Joyeux Noel indeed!!

    1. My happy dancing is done over new starts, it like kittens I can never get enough new starts. Finishing is never the fun part for me, it’s just a necessary step. Merry Christmas !!!

  9. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful dragon! Huge happy dance! Your stocking pattern is lovely, too — and always nice to know how the piece will be « finished » in advance! Also, well done on getting moved in and settled — here’s wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2019!

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