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SAL – Victorian house 21/06

As I announced last time , after the finish of the peacock I decided to resume the victorian house. I haven’t made much progress this update as I have had other projects on the go but have put a few crosses in still. This was my side project when the peacock was boring me, and I believe with it being my main focus now, I should make some steady progress over time.  // Apres le paon, j’ai donc repris la maison victorienne. Je n’ai pas fait beaucoup de progres parce que j’ai des projets sur le cote mais avec le SAL je devrais pouvoir bien avancer dessus cette annee.

Where I was last time // Là ou j’en étais la derniere fois

Mon image

Now // Maintenant

 Mon image

Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things!  // N’hésitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets !

24 réflexions au sujet de “SAL – Victorian house 21/06”

  1. so pleased to see you’re stitching on this one « full time » next. Loving how the picture comes to life on the darker fabric.

    1. Thankyou ! I agree it is a lovely piece. I’m afraid each of these stars is a french knot, thankfully I think I’ve managed to get through all of them haha. I’ve done so many in various projects now that I’ve got the hang of them, but it can be painful to push the needle through.

    2. this is one of the reasons my lovely daughter volunteered to pick up where I had left off ^^ Could you imagine me doing hundreds of French knots on navy blue 16 (or is it 18?) count aida! Utter Madness.

  2. I will enjoy watching your progress on this beautiful piece. I am working on a small piece that has dark fabric and I am finding it somewhat difficult at times. I hope you are having an easier time of it.

    1. Black fabric is fairly tricky but I’ve learned to not look at the fabric itself but whether my crosses are even and use my crosses for counting – I « feel » them more than I stitch them although it never looks quite as neat on dark fabric. I do like using the fabric’s colour to compliment a design rather than full coverage, but it’s alot harder to count with confetti stitching so I would recommend to always pick designs with fewer colours for dark/black fabric.

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