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SAL Dragon – 21st oct


It’s already time for a new update and I feel like I’ve been procrastinating. I was getting a little fed up with the spring dragon these last few weeks and had to pull another project out for a change. Nonetheless, still made some tiny progress on the dragon, reached the fourth and final corner of the border. Also been busy with parents visiting, and more house hunting which I’d really like to be over and done with before Christmas, but we’ll see!! // Deja l’heure d’une nouvelle mise a jour pour ce SAL et j’ai le sentiment d’avoir procrastine. Je commencais a m’ennuyer un peu de ce dragon et j’ai fini par ressortir un autre projet de mes tiroirs pour m’occuper. Neanmoins j’ai tout de meme fait quelques croix sur celui la, je m’apprete a commencer le quatrieme et dernier coin de la bordure. Par ailleurs, j’ai eu mes parents venus nous rendre visite l’autre semaine, et la chasse aux maisons s’avere rude. J’espere en avoir fini avant Nowel mais on verra bien !


Mon image


Please visit the other participants blogs as they are making wonderful things, and if you want to join us, Avis is the one you want to talk to ! And let us welcome Clare who just joined us to the SAL !  // N’hesitez surtout pas a rendre visite aux autres participants qui travaillent sur de magnifiques projets et si vous voulez vous joindre a nous, Avis est la personne a contacter (en anglais) ! Et nous souhaitons la bienvenue a Clare qui vient joindre le SAL !


28 réflexions au sujet de “SAL Dragon – 21st oct”

  1. well you’ve turned the last corner, so you’re on the home straight for the border!
    Hope house buying proceedings go according to plan!

  2. The border is so beautiful…but looks so complicated to stitch, you’re so close now, sometimes it helps to have a little break though, come back re-enthused 🙂 Good luck with the house hunting!

    1. It helps to have a break but I also want to have a clear conscience if I’m too start a new cross stitch project. I’ve been lining up a few as items on my wishlist and feel I have to focus my efforts on this one to deserve a new one. Thank you !!

  3. The border is looking fabulous. Enjoy the process and good luck on the house front too. It’s getting to that time of year when sellers will take houses off the market because they won’t want to move at Christmas time. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky and get moving quickly.

    1. Thank you! Indeed it is but since we’re already in the process of buying. all we’re hoping is that it all pans out, and fairly soon. So fingers crossed !

    1. It was satisfying but the last side of the border is still quite daunting. On the positive side of things, once I’m past this, it’ll only be the dragon left which should be fun enough !

  4. Bonsoir
    Tu vas bientôt en voir le bout de ce cadre qui te donne tant de mal. Bonne continuation. Bonne soirée. Gros bisous.

    1. I know it’s a terrible habit isn’t it? I like to start more than I like to finish, and with unopened cross stitch kits in my stash I find it hard to resist!

  5. One border left! You’re so close!! Will you feel better about the project once the border is complete? Good luck on the house hunting.

    1. It should be, it’s meant to be fun isn’t it? 😀 I’ll probably follow this project with the fairy once I’m done ( the fairy being the one I used to take a break from the dragon)

  6. Such a lovely design, but I can understand the desire to move onto something else! Sometimes we get like that with our projects. Good luck with the house hunting, I hope it isn’t too stressful

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